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Advancing Social Equity in the community

Our Philosophy

The Allied Initiatives for Community Development (AICD) is non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, registered and incorporated with Uganda Ministry of Internal Affairs under the National NGO Board with registration number s. 5914/9135.

The formation of AICD in 2012 was born out of a deep conviction by a group of highly motivated community leaders to respond to the plight of the community whose rapidly growing youth, children, and women populations were suffering from hunger, disease, unemployment, and poverty. Key main concerns in the community were the lack of jobs for graduates and other out of school youths; absence of reproductive health services for women and youth; hunger; and the huge number of youths who abuse drugs, & are economically unproductive. This prompted the conceptualization of three key focal programs for the organization to start working on: - 1) Agriculture & food security; 2) Sexual & Reproductive health; 3) Youth Rehabilitation & Empowerment.

Agriculture and food security program: Under this program AICD works with rural families to have sustainable food production all year round using: - 1) Home-based garden micro-irrigation activities; 2) Village food banks to act as food reservoirs for rural families. 3) Farmer cooperatives program that offers agricultural production support to rural households.

Sexual & Reproductive health service program: Under this program AICD provides healthcare services at it’s Community Medical Centre with strong emphasis on quality family planning services, maternity care for expectant mothers, and adolescent’s sexual health services. Also under this program other healthcare services shall be delivered to the rural people.

Youth Empowerment & rehabilitation: This program aims at increasing the economic productivity of youths in the community; and improves their livelihoods through sustainable income generating activities. It involves providing entrepreneurship development and capacity building activities to the youths and women in the community; rehabilitating youths involved in prostitution, drug abuse; and preventing others from engaging in such risky behaviors.